If not invented at Nike, lifestyle branding has at very least been perfected by The Swoosh. While working in Portland, Oregon, I had the privilege of working directly with this global leader. From classic divisions like Nike Running, to more upstart and disruptive brands like Nike 6.0, I wrote signage, retail kits, pitched commercials and digital campaigns, met with Nike executives at their HQ, and immersed myself in the methodology and process of this iconic brand.

Work with Nike opened up doors to join Adidas. Visiting their Global HQ in Germany, I then worked remotely with retail and special projects teams.

Through both these leading sports brands, I learned how to stress-test creative ideas against brand directives. I learned how to communicate product advantage in evocative, emotional brand tones. Collaborating with designers, creative directors and brand managers, I developed fluency in the mix of language, symbols, and experience that compose brand reality

Today’s marketplace is a tribal landscape, where products inspire allegiance and grant identity through brand loyalty. Understanding that dynamic and playing to it is key for successful messaging. I Was lucky enough to learn from the best of the best. that knowledge enhances every project I take on.