The Nike 6.0 Retail package involved working with creative directors and designers to create a strong statement for 6.0 in the retail environment. First we conceived a delivery system of installments that emphasized our Chain Reaction organizing concept. Working from broad impact installations that focused into personal connection with retail staff, we created an experience that made a splash and excited staff.

The Microsoft Kin sales book was sent to all Verizon partnership stores where the phone was sold. Intriguing the staff with lifestyle elements, I clarified selling points within a branded tone that helped them understand and pitch this revolutionary product to potential customers.

In the Gogoro Taipei Flagship store, we curated a museum type feel to highlight all the innovations. Writing copy that both educated visitors and inspired them to buy, I produced bold emotional call outs that drew people into tech specific education moments.

My work for Adidas remains under NDA but references are available upon request.