Much of life happens digitally, and trends move fast. All that changes with property and real estate branding. This isn’t an experience that happens through a download. It’s not a product people wear for a season. These are new places on the planet. People travel to them. They might live in them. That’s a much larger commitment than trying out a new coffee blend.

Messaging to affirm that commitment should resonate on two levels. Half the job of property messaging is establishing the integrity of the destination. The other half is inspiring people to explore. This unique mix of concrete and dreams is always challenging and interesting.

My property branding began on the smaller scale of environmental copy writing. Working with designers and installation artists on retail kiosks and store sections for Nike and Adidas, I learned how to develop real-time brand narratives that both organize a space and evoke its essence.

Expanding that understanding to embrace larger structures, I have helped promote New York City’s largest underground shopping mall, attract investors for a Resort project in the Maldives, And encouraged potential residents to buy properties in Thailand