Tech branding poses challenges like no other. People know what they’re getting when they open a beer. But what about the first time somebody picks up an iPhone, or jumps on a Gogoro?

Because every tech product and/or service is built on innovation, part of the writer’s job is Education. Along with that comes some standard issue Inspiration, and a dash of Affirmation. That last ingredient helps people feel more secure during an innovative and perhaps unprecedented product experience.

These experiences are built on a series of benefits and advantages. Clearly understanding the technology helps explain the advantages best. But they also must be positioned.

Branding tech involves not just articulating, but prioritizing product/service advantages. Through research of the marketplace, and understanding what people want, we decide how to lead people into the experience. That’s a complex process which results in simple messages.

In technology purchases, people want to know two things, and they want to know them fast:

How it works.

How it works for them.