Predator Book with David Beckham

The Adidas Predator is an iconic and influential boot. Both technologically and stylistically innovative it revolutionized the look and feel of the pitch. Perhaps no player embodied the power and style of Predator more than David Beckham. When Adidas rebooted the Predator for 2017, David Beckham was asked to collaborate on the design.

I was invited to write the copy for the limited edition book for the release. Adidas gave me access to lots of information. I dove in, looking for the story. Using transcripts from David Beckham’s design sessions at Adidas, then researching his incredible professional career, I found a narrative for the project that matched his journey as a player and style icon with the debut and evolution of Predator. Blending personal and product story together, the book celebrates creative collaboration: one of Adidas' brand pillars. Working with such a star player and brand was truly inspiring. To be honest, I got a little carried away... in the right direction. Adidas liked the writing so much that copy space for the book was doubled. In a typical writing career of cuts, drops, and streamline edits, that was a pleasant first.